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SOUND Laboratory

SOUND Laboratory with Nuno Murta

Directed to classes in Escola Básica das Naus, Lagos

06th and 07th of May 2021


This workshop intends to explore, in an experimental way, different ways of producing, capturing and manipulating sound. We will produce organic sounds and electronic sounds, capture the sound from microphones and piezo, and, manipulate the sound through processors and effects pedals. This experience will result in several unique sound pieces.


Nuno Murta

As a musician he has recorded several albums and participated in documentary and film soundtracks.

In the theater area he develops work as a sound artist and sound technician.

In the area of ​​sound exploration, he developed the project “Cañon Club”, coordinated the project “Orquestra Lixo” and currently, as an artist residing at LAC, he develops the project “Pedra Parva”.

Photography: Eduardo Pinto