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CIANOTYPE Laboratory, with Patrícia Leal

CIANOTYPE Laboratory, with Patrícia Leal

in partnership with Viver o Verão

07, 14, 27 and 28 of July 2022



In its original and pure form, photography requires the simple combination of a limited number of basic ingredients:


-An opening;

-A surface on which to print the resulting image.

From this basic recipe, the possibilities for experimentation are (almost) endless. This workshop proposes the exploration of the Cyanotype printing process.




Patricia Leal (Germany, 1973)
Artist, filmmaker, researcher and curator.
He attended the independent study program in Visual Arts at Escola Maumaus, the post-production course at Etic, and also studied photography at Richmond College, London. In 2010 he obtained a Master's degree in Documentary Film at Goldsmiths College. She is a PhD student in Art Studies at FCSH / Universidade Nova de Lisboa and was a fellow at FCT developing research on the landscape of colonial post-memory in Portuguese contemporary art. Collaborations with national and international artists, filmmakers and directors are part of its curriculum.

In 2020, a remarkable year for humanity, and after many years living abroad and more recently in Lisbon, he returns to his origins, to the city of Lagos where he attended secondary school. He is currently an artist-in-residence at LAC returning, once again, to alternative photographic processes. His artistic work falls within the domain of environmental aesthetics, reflecting on how we position ourselves in relation to nature, animal, plant and organic species.