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Ester Andres (PT) - Visual Arts

May 03rd to June 30th



My work develops itself in experimentation, discovery and freedom, of matter, techniques, shapes, colors, textures, lines, compositions, light, shadow, directions, etc. In this residency I want to continue exploring this language in a project of urban landscape, in this case about the city I'm in, Lagos.



Ester Andrés, born in 1987 in Silves, graduated in the Arts of Painting at Faculdade de Belas Artes in Lisbon in 2010. Within the studies she pursued we may find analogic photography, animation in volume, scenography, art education, art therapy, serigraphy, batik, glass, amongst others. It is in this freedom associated to the Arts (of expression, language, experimentation and discovery, without boundaries nor limits) that she moves around. She spent the past few years travelling through Africa, Asia and South America, where she took in many experiences, knowledge and materialized some social projects, combining her passion in travelling with the Arts and the work with children. At the present she lives in the Algarve, working, essentially, in the art of painting, mural and art education, having also recently started to explore the art of ceramics.