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Book release: Bina, the Indian Discoverer, by Eliana Silva.
Saturday, September 5th at 10h00am
at LAC - Laboratory of Creative Activities

* Mandatory use of mask * Reserve your seat to avoid waiting *

"Africa saw Albertina born, a girl with above average curiosity and generosity. As she grew up, she realized that she was born with a characteristic that set her apart from most children, a singularity that, although she made her stand out, could never to serve as a cause to restrain her. Courageous, good-natured and adventurous, it is from an ocean of transparent waters that the young woman begins to discover, on her bicycle, from all corners of the world. "

We are all what we live. And Eliana Silva is no exception. Born in Lagos, Portugal, she assumes herself as a gem from Lacobrigense. With a characteristically Alentejo father and an irreverently Angolan mother, he had the privilege of enjoying the best that Lusophony brought to the world, from an early age.
A communicator by nature, the author never renounced her origins, having then directed the beginning of her professional career towards the media follow-up of the Portuguese-speaking world. As a result, he chose to move to Maputo in 2014, having since then struggled to succeed in the world of advertising, brand activation and strategic communication.
Irreverent, like her mother, good mouth, like her father, Eliana sees in her younger sister the anchor that allows her to dream, with her feet firmly on the ground.
Portuguese, originally born, with an Angolan soul, an intense love for Mozambique, and a unique passion for Brazil (hence her famous expression “I have a Bahian body, a São Paulo brain and a Rio soul”), Eliana dedicates all of her what defines it best: telling stories.
And that's how you want people to review it, like a storyteller. Regardless of format or area, he believes that what connects people, brands or products are stories.
These stories are based on energies.
Stories that define it.