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PHOTOGRAPHY Laboratory with José Cabral Silva

Directed to classes in Escola Básica das Naus, Lagos

May 26th, 27th and 28th, 2021



Today "taking" photographs is available to everyone. However, photographing is more than clicking the button on the device, be it a camera or not. This is because a good image depends on numerous factors of a visual and technical nature.

With the objective of obtaining better images, this workshop aims to give participants the basic notions for its realization, in a way that is intended to be simple and playful.



José Cabral Silva was born in Lagos, where he lives. He has training in the areas of drawing, painting and photography at Ar.Co (Center for Art and Visual Communication). He has a Photography Course at IPF (Portuguese Photography Institute). Since 1981 he has exhibited, both collectively and individually, having in 1988 received the Prize of Photography of the IV Biennial of Plastic Arts in Lagos.


He is a trainer in the field of photography, having already organized several Introduction to Photography courses.