Projectos // detail // “Heritage vs. Culture” - Capacity Building Workshop

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“Heritage vs. Culture” - Capacity Building Workshop

Workshop in English

Galeria LAR, Lagos, February 14th 2020


10h00 – Welcoming session
10h30 - Colonial Legacies
10h30 - “A Game of Mirrors - Representations and Contradictions” by Ines Câmara (Mapa das Ideias)
11h00 - “Decolonizing curatorial practices in museum and heritage management” by Rui Parreira (Algarve Regional Culture Directorate) 
11h30 - Break
12h00 - “Colonial archives and post-colonial artistic mediations : Reflections on how to organise a show that puts the photographic archive of Diamang (Companhia de Diamantes de Angola) in relation to contemporary art projects - a project of Universidade do Minho (LAB2PT) and Museu Nogueira da Silva (Braga) by Patricia Leal (documentarist expert)
12h30 - Q&A session
13h00 - End