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“Surfeminism – women on waves”, by Annika von Schuetz (Germany) from June 01st untill August 31st.


„Surfeminism – women on waves“ is a documentary film about the increasing commercialization of surfing and sexism in surf culture. It focus on the nexus of surfing, lifestyle and creativity and what it means to be a female surfer.



My mission is to change the perception of surfing in the media landscape towards diversity - with a focus on women. I want to develop stories and uncovers personalities and locations that support this goal. Further I would likt to show people of colour and women of diferent generations who surf and are nor represented. The film is an opportunity to create another awareness of women in extreme sport and tp cross the border of gender.



I like to inspire humans to build a community of and for human growth, driven by my core values benevolence, empowerment and hilarity - while focusing on real, empowering narratives. Always personal. Never random. Always authentic.


How I want to do it?
I want to produce unique, powerful, high quality stories with integrated community engagement. For every story, I would like to produce images and moving images that help us spread the word. In order to connect the stories and link the different tribes to each other, I will include repetitive elements throughout the overall narrative - while the stories also need to work in and off themselves and motivate for a deeper reflection of women in (surf-) sport and media.