Gallery Lar // detail // Exhibition "Office of Curiosities, Tests, Errors and Other Things" of the Convent Workshops

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Exhibition "Office of Curiosities, Tests, Errors and Other Things" of the Convent Workshops

Opening: December 06th at 06:30pm at Galeria LAR

Patented until January 25th 2020

Free entry

CURIOSITY OFFICE, Tests, Errors and Other Stuff

Documentary collection of actions taken during 2018 at Oficinas do Convento

Artistic residences, concerts, workshops and other events

Objects as a result of research, video, photography and publications

Curated by João Rolaça and Tiago Fróis



A Curiosity Office is a place of concentration of experiences, unlikely combinations, gathering and collecting, contemplation and the unknown. This Office of Curiosities of Oficinas do Convento is the collection of traces of the projects that took place in 2018, but not only. More than presenting the result of the various residences, concerts, graphic projects, installations and events, we observe the traces, prototypes, experiences and mistakes made in the process of realization of these projects. We put together pieces of a machine under construction, made of disparate materials and shapes, complementary colors and makeshift collages. It configures a place and a time in motion, vaguely schizophrenic in multiplicity, languages, technologies and objectives. In the atypical and asymmetrical spaces of the Convent of S. Francisco, the Telheiro da Encosta do Castelo, the old public Washrooms and the Earth Lab we find the plural, the multifaceted and the colorful, because all projects are developed by different people and groups, more or less fixed, sometimes from nearby places and artists, sometimes from people across the world. It is in this mixture of experiences that everything unifies. It is in the frenzy of insatiable curiosity, in the desire to explore possibilities, to see with other eyes and to feel in other ways that we seek meaning in order to exist together here. This exhibition is therefore a reflection of this Whole, this machine moved with so many hands, who is to explore, experiment and share a process of discovery and improvisation. Oficinas do Convento's work has always been done by a whole mix of artists, musicians, technicians, experts from all walks of life and enthusiasts of others and focuses on providing opportunities and working conditions in these fields, not only offering a exhibition space, presentation and discussion of ideas but also a workshop where everything can be done.


A Shrimp Case

Alberto Cirera

Agenda da Tipografia

Ana Afonso

Ana Almeida Pinto

Ana João Almeida

Ana Cardoso e …

Andrea Lucia Moreno

Andrés Jurado


Architectural Environmental Strategies

Architectura a Kilometro Zero

Architettura & Cooperazione

Baku 9

Benoit Caruste

Cacília Cipriano



Catarina Bota Leal

Chico Lobo

Constanza Brncic

Cristina Gallizioli   

Damião Silva 

Dehesa Tierra

Dj Magau

Dj Marcelle

Eduardo Freitas

Eric Madec

Ester Garcia Urquillo





João Berhan

João Rolaça  

Jon Luz

Jorge Gonçalves

Jorge Nuno 

José Lencastre

Inês Pucarinha

Inês Villa-lobos

La Redada

Le Singe Blanc

Leonor Mire

Liliana Velho

Luca Argel

Lucifer´s Ensemble

McCloud Zicmuse

Maja Esher

Marco Ferrari 

Mariana Bley 

Mariana Stoffel

Marvina Siniari

Maurício Martins

Miguel Carneiro

Miguel Rocha

Muyassar Kurdi

Nuno Rebelo

Oficina Arara

Olan Monk

Olívio Neto

Os Compotas

Pascal Milechamps

Paula Martinez

Pedro Mestre

Pedro Santo

Pierre Pierre Pierre


Renata Bueno


Sergio Carronha

Simão Costa


Susana Marques

SVS Records

Tiago Fróis

Tiago Rork


Ton Dose


Urso Bardo





OC Book (sale and consultation)

Ceramics Book (Edited by Ana João Almeida, sale and consultation)

Fanzine (Edited and printed by Miguel Rocha, sale and consultation)

Developed projects / workshops

Fotomaton (Intersection of the wall-mounted photographic play)

Learn Building Impact 0 Network (photographic panel eventually tools)

IsaSound Box (Teaching Video Documentary)

Cape Verde Pottery Workshop (Documentary video possibly small format objects)

Oficina da Luz (2018 Directed by Duarte Belo and JMRodrigues, 2019 Pedro Letria) (Documentary video photographic prints)


Esther Garcia Urquillo - Ceramics residence - Martres (drawings, photographic prints)

Maja Escher - Residence Sculpture -That's What She Is (photographic prints eventually small format objects)

Eduardo Freitas - Sculpture - Regional Anatomy (photographic prints eventually small format objects or d