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Exhibition "VISUAL TANGO +  FADO" by Eduarda Coutinho

Exhibition "VISUAL TANGO +  FADO" by Eduarda Coutinho

Opening: November 30th at 6:30 pm, at the LAR Gallery (Rua Prof. Luís de Azevedo n.º 37)

Exhibition: until January 19th 2019, (Thursday to Saturday from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.)



I search the image codices of Tango / Fado aiming to understand the expression of this dance and this singing through visual art.

In the stencil the feeling that is transmitted is that of the copy, but that is never totally identical.

The concepts of these techniques lie in the sense of nature. We have become accustomed to feeling in nature the homogeneity / analogy of forms.

As Wiccius Wong tells us, the forms in nature have aspects of similarity. The leaves of a tree, the trees in a forest, the grains of sand of the beach, the waves of the ocean are vivid examples.

Also in Gestalt law, similarity and proximity, as João Gomes Filho tells us, are two factors that, in addition to competing for the formation of units, also contribute to promote the unification of a whole.

This analogy strengthens the concept of the accomplishment and exposure of my work in a global way and acts in the sharpen of what I want to communicate visually and graphically.



Eduarda Coutinho, born in Mozambique, lives for 40 years in Lagos, PhD in Drawing and Visual Analysis at the Fine Arts of the University of Seville.

Researcher at the Center Professor Joaquim Veríssimo Serrão; HUM337: plastic art, theory and praxis, Junta de Andalucía; Institute of Research in Art, Design and Society, i2ADS, Fine Arts and Architecture of Porto.

Trainer in Visual Arts. Fellow of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Public works: "The Sea, the Woman and the Earth", Lagos, Praia da Luz, 2001. "Estrela da Sorte", Lagos, 2014.

Artistic residence, Museums of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation; of Archeology; Archaeological of Carmo in Lisbon; Etruscan of Vila Júlia in Rome; Gregorian Etruscan at the Vatican; Archaeological site of Florence; Anthropology of Madrid and America; Ethnologist of Berlin and others.


2017 Catalog "The Irreversible Vortex of Time", Publisher: National Society of Fine Arts, Lisbon, Portugal ISBN: 978-989-99822-0-8

2015 Nicotine Zine # 08.

2014 Catalog "On the track of the Tainos of Cuba" House of Latin America, Lisbon.

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Facebook / Instagram: Eduarda.Coutinho.146